Radio Approvals

Understanding wireless approvals can be a complicated process. Specifically with changing RF Exposure requirements, collocation issues and general spectrum uncertainties. Let us assist you with licensed or unlicensed radio devices and the integration of wireless devices into a new host product.

Test Plans

To be successful a good test plan should be drawn up to outline the full compliance approach. Bring us in to help define the scope of activities that can get your product to market.

  • A test plan will include costs, timelines and lab selection
  • Any upfront work with the agencies, pre-testing (if required)
  • A list of supporting documentation and sample requirements is also outlined.

FCC/IC RF Exposure process

Our staff have years of experience interfacing with the FCC/IC regarding new technologies and RF Exposure plans.
Some of our experience includes:

  • Collocated radiators
  • Module SAR evaluations
  • RF Exposure plans for portable devices (tablets, hotspots)

Module Integrations

Integrating wireless modules is a cost effective method of adding wireless capabilities to an existing device. There are opportunities to leverage the work done on the module to reduce time and cost of compliance.

  • We can assist you in working through the approval process with the module grant/certification
  • This can include M2M devices consumer products, voice and data devices.
  • We can work with the module manufacturer to expedite the transfer of the appropriate paperwork.


Talk to us about:

  • moving through FCC/IC/European integrated solutions
  • Carrier testing and approvals