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If you are new to the product development process let a professional help.

With the pressures of launching a product through reduced development cycles, pressure to reduce test costs it can be a little overwhelming.

Did you know that the proper time to consider regulatory approvals is at the initial design stage?

Here is an overview of the process:

  • Understand what markets you are looking at and prioritize them.
  • Determine what the requirements are for each market. This might include testing, labelling, restrictions for use.
  • Let the engineering development team know what considerations they need to be aware of when designing the product.
  • Budgeting time and money. Two things that are critical in the successful launch of your product.
  • Pre-testing during the development cycle might save time during official testing. This would depend on confidence and risk.
  • When entering the lab for official testing you need to be prepared. This includes sample conditioning, documentation, and any pre-determined testing conditions agreed upon by the certifying agency.
  • Prepare the supporting documentation. This needs to be concise, complete and most importantly understanding what might be available in the public domain and what can be kept confidential.
  • Preparing for product launch. How do you manage customer and competitor reactions once information reaches the public domain.

If you are unsure of any of these steps please call us to help.